What makes a recording engineer!!

We have touched on one of the touchiest points that any artist faces- when and what allows you to say that you are an artist, a film director, a musician, an engineer- whatever? Is it a degree that gives you that magical designation? Is it belonging to a professional organization such as NARAS? Is it because you call yourself an engineer? What is it?

Ultimately there is not a clear cut division between studying to be an artist and being one. Art, whether it is the art of music or painting or engineering, is a journey which will last much longer than any of us can hope to live. We are all, always, students in search of better skills, a clearer vision, more work. Please believe me, it never, ever ends.

As you have noted, some people who are “engineers” have taken a course of study and have entered the field that way. The more traditional way is to intern in a studio ( “studio rats”) and work your way up. Sadly, the intern way is slowly going away as studio go out of business as the recording industry moves to a project studio structure.

Ultimately your work and your status as an engineer will be judged in the marketplace- in other words- if you can make people sound good you will get more work. If you can’t, you will get less work. It really doesn’t matter what education you have (except to the extent that it gives you additional understanding and skills). Our industry is very results oriented- you can either do the job or you can’t do the job and it really doesn’t matter how many classes you’ve taken or how long you been doing it unless your client can hear the results of your efforts.

Think of a lead guitar player in a band. Does it really matter if he’s been playing for 15 years and studied at the Berklee School of Music and owns Jimi Hendrix’s personal guitar if he can’t really play. He can call himself a lead guitar player but it doesn’t really matter because no one will want to play with him.

Classes are great – they can be an organized shortcut to having a skill set that will help you be successful in this field, but ultimately you have to work to get better and get known. Musicians have always called this “paying your dues”.

To that end you can get a degree in audio engineering at many Universities such as SF state. You can get Pro Tools certified by taking classes at places such as Cutting Edge. This is all good stuff and it might help you get knowledge but no one ever got hired based on a degree. You might get an interview if someone advertises for an engineer ( A friend of mine broke in this way) but you will get hired based on results.

So, what makes a great engineer:

  • Great ears- the ability to hear in great detail and understand what you hear from a musical and technical point of view.
  • A deep understanding of the theoretical concepts that affect musical sound
  • A deep practical understanding of studio equipment and how it can be used to arrive at a sound that is what you and your client hear in your imagination.
  • The ability to work creatively with others
  • Musical sensitivity and imagination
  • A commitment to deadlines and cost projections

There are probably some things that I have left off, but the bottom line is if you are working as an engineer ( or a lead guitar player) you are an engineer- if you aren’t your are not- pretty simple huh?

Last thing- never expect that you will be satisfied with where you are in your career or your skill level is- it will never happen.

Hope this helps.


La nueva voz de la música

 Ahora la música tiene una nueva voz en el Área de la Bahía, “SOLFEO”

Solfeo es una compañía joven que se dedica a promocionar productos, servicios y talentos musicales por medio de la televisión, radio y publicaciones especiales.

Alejandro Ramírez, su fundador, tiene ya mas de 20 anos trabajando para la comunidad latina. En sus inicios, Alejandro manejaba un estudio de grabación que dio comienzo a su gran carrera en el mundo de las promociones musicales.

Hoy Solfeo se representa por medio de sus producciones televisivas, sus conciertos y con una selección de músicos y artistas locales e internacionales que pueden ser contratados para cualquier tipo de ocasión.

Con cerca de 40 millones de hispano-parlantes, Solfeo tiene la meta de propagar y difundir música, arte y productos o servicios de beneficio para nuestra comunidad.

El mega proyecto que esta ejecutando Solfeo esta compuesto por varias ramas como mercado técnica, modelaje, grabación de música, conciertos, promociones y contrataciones de grupos musicales, casa disquera y producción de cine, televisión y radio. La pagina de en la red recibe más de 80 mil visitantes al mes.


Las oportunidades que surgen para los hispanos aquí en los Estados Unidos siguen incrementando a pesar de los problemas migratorios. Con el apoyo de nuestra gente, compañías como Solfeo pueden crecer y así competir con compañías americanas que gozan de nuestro dinero y esfuerzo sin aportar nada a nuestra creciente comunidad.

Producciones Solfeo  Presenta:

Musica en Casa


Únete a la línea de artistas en tu programa Sabatino, Música en Casa.

Eres artista o tienes un grupo musical, con creatividad, habilidad, y originalidad, para el mundo del espectáculo.

¡Si tu deseo de triunfar es tan grande como tu talento!

¿Que; acaso no vales la pena? ¡Claro que vales! ¿Quieres ser famoso y no sabes como?

Lo que necesitas es una nueva estrategia de promoción. Si amigo nosotros somos tu solución.

Ven participa y Promociona tu show en nuestro programa, Música en Casa por Telefutura

Para mas información llame al: (707) 294-3491

Musica y Arte para todos

Promocionamos Grupos musicales y Artistas de todo género:

Grupero, Norteño, Ranchero, Bolero, Reggeton, Salsa, Rock, Cumbias y muchos más.

Además Disc jokers, magos, payasos, cómicos, bailarinas folklóricas así como exóticas también en todo el Norte de California.



Solfeo is a promoting & advertising company with a focus on the ever growing Hispanic community.

Our mission is to promote and advertise new local businesses and products through TV, Radio, Websites and Magazines.

We are a complete service digital production company that offers affordable marketing for your business, product or artist.  

Our Services:

  • TV and radio production

- Spots - Promos - Infomercials - Documentaries

  • Video editing

- Post Production - Presentations - DVD projects & interactive media

- Instructional videos -

  • Jingles and music recording

- Digital recording - midi composition and real instrument and vocal recording -

  • Product Marketing

- Product placement - Community presence - Product impact (look, smell, sound & feel) - Simplified analysis and targeting -

  • Publications

- Effective publication design/ads - selection & distribution census -

  • Events

- Event organizing - Event film - Event budget -

We also have personal contact and have done business with most Spanish radio and TV stations including Univision, Telefutura, KSOL, La Raza, TV Azteca and Telemundo.